Mildew and your artwork

Just suppose you invested thousands of dollars on a beautiful painting. It is your pride and joy. One day you look forward to passing it on to your children as their inheritance.

And then one day you noticed little black spots on the painting.

At first you assumed they were dust.

However, you can’t dust them off.

The reason is that it is mold, and mold plus valuable paintings don’t go together very well.

What causes mold?

Bill Powers, of Powers Environmental LLC does mold testing in Kingston Ny.

Bill tells us that it all starts with a water source. Maybe you had a water leak, burst pipe, wet basement, leaky roof or backed up gutter system.

Combine water with warm temperatures and you get mold.

Bill suggests never storing artwork in dark or damp areas like a basement or crawl space. If you are serious about protecting your artwork then you must eliminate the water source immediately. One way to do this is by running a dehumidifier in humid areas.

Can you clean art that has mold or mildew?

Yes you can, however this isn’t a DIY project. Contact an art restoration expert to save that family heirloom. Most importantly, correct the issue that cause the mold to begin with or you are just wasting your money as mold will grow again in a short time.