Should you insure your artwork?

Should you take the time to insure your artwork?

So you have come to Bisbee to enjoy the local artists and art studios.

A certain painting catches your eye.

It moves you to open up your wallet and take out your credit card.

Congratulations you are now an art collector.

Question: Should you insure it?

Now while art can be a great investment, it can easily be damaged or stolen.


Remember that accidents, fire and vandalism do not respect artwork.

Question: What will you do when that happens?

Maybe, you may be wondering, will my home insurance policy cover stolen artwork?

The answer is maybe.

For you see a typical policy for home insurance in Atlanta only covers items up to $1,000 in value. Artwork can easily cost much much more than that.

Steps to take to protect your art investment:

  1. Keep your receipts
  2. Take pictures with your iphone and upload them to dropbox
  3. Have an appraiser tell you how much your artwork is worth.
  4. Talk to your friendly agent .
  5. If the painting is worth more than a thousand dollars add a rider to your policy to cover your artwork.
  6. Remember to insure for appreciation and replacement value

Okay now that you have:

  • artwork
  • appraisal
  • documentation (receipts etc)
  • Pictures
  • Insurance rider

Please remember to keep all documentation, records etc in a SAFE place, a separate location from where the art is so that in case of fire they are not damaged.

Art insurance tip:

When speaking to your agent remember to insure each piece of art separately so that you are insured to get the full value.

Don’t be tempted to group them all together in one art collection policy.

We hope these tips will help you when insuring your artwork from Bisbee.