Don’t let your artwork get destroyed

You love your artwork.

Perhaps, you view it as an investment and an heirloom for your children.

You have taken the time to invest in homeowners insurance to protect your paintings.

What a shame it would be if you ever had to make a fire claim on your policy!

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association shows fire departments respond to home fires about 1,000 times per day.?

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that could lead to your artwork being destroyed:

  • Did you know that the leading cause of home fires is cooking, or rather, leaving something to cook on the stove unattended?
  • Never plug major appliances should into an extension cord. Instead plug them directly into the wall.
  • Damaged extension cords cause fires!
  • Never plug a wall heater into an extension cord. Under sized extension cords can cause house fires.
  • Clean the dryer lint trap and vent after every load.\
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Clean your fireplace chimney annually.

As this video shows that fires can destroy artwork at your business too!

Call for your free home insurance quote today to make sure that your artwork is covered.