Are you buying artwork?

Lets say you found the PERFECT piece of artwork here at Bisbee arts.

What is the next step?

First be sure  to insure your art by contacting your local agent that offers home insurance.

But then what?

How do you get it home?

Here are a few reminders to insuring artwork that you have bought.

1) Know Who Is Responsible for Insurance at All Times

So from the time you purchase your master piece until it is shipped and received to your home…

Who is responsible for it?

Who is insuring it?

Don’t assume that the gallery owner, dealer, or shipping company in possession of the artwork has insurance for its loss, theft or physical damage.

Then make sure to properly insure your artwork at home.

2) Hire Only Experienced Pros to make sure all Artwork Is Properly Packed 

Remember there is a difference between moving a refrigerator and packing and shipping a Picasso.

You only want to hire packers and shippers that are TSA certified to inspect and seal art during the packaging process.


3) What kind of vehicles will transport your artwork?

  • Do they have security systems? IMAGINE your painting sitting in a truck without an alarm!
  • Are they climate controlled? Some trucks can get over 150 degrees in the summer time. What could that do to your painting?

How horrible it would be to buy a piece of art only to never make it home in one piece.

We hope these this will be helpful to you!