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The BAC (Bisbee Arts Commission) is dedicated to promoting the arts and the artists in Bisbee. We organize and/or promote events, studio tours, festivals, and other events. We also offer artists mini grants and other resources that allow them to pursue their goals.

BisbeeMountainsBisbee, at 5300′ elevation and about 90 miles South East of Tucson and 23 miles East of Tombstone, is a beautiful quaint old mining town and artist community. Old Bisbee is a National Historic Monument with numerous galleries, antique stores, and several wonderful restaurants. Visitors experience a wonderful time shopping or just walking around enjoying the precious architecture. Bisbee has over 300 hotel and bed & breakfast rooms.

On this site you will find information on galleries, artists and their work, a calendar of events, museums (the Mining museum is part of the Smithsonian), tours, and other information. Come and visit Bisbee. You will have a great time and meet a lot of interesting people.


Mildew and your artwork

Just suppose you invested thousands of dollars on a beautiful painting. It is your pride and joy. One day you look forward to passing it on to your children as their inheritance.

And then one day you noticed little black spots on the painting.

At first you assumed they were dust.

However, you can't dust them off.

The reason is that it is mold, and mold plus valuable paintings don't go together very well.

What causes mold?

Bill Powers, of Powers Environmental LLC does mold testing in Kingston Ny.

Bill tells us that it all starts with a water source. Maybe you had a water leak, burst pipe, wet basement, leaky roof or backed up gutter system.

Combine water with warm temperatures and you get mold.

Bill suggests never storing artwork in dark or damp areas like a basement or crawl space. If you are serious about protecting your artwork then you must eliminate the water source immediately. One way to do this is by running a dehumidifier in humid areas.

Can you clean art that has mold or mildew?

Yes you can, however this isn't a DIY project. Contact an art restoration expert to save that family heirloom. Most importantly, correct the issue that cause the mold to begin with or you are just wasting your money as mold will grow again in a short time.

Don't let your artwork get destroyed

You love your artwork.

Perhaps, you view it as an investment and an heirloom for your children.

You have taken the time to invest in homeowners insurance to protect your paintings.

What a shame it would be if you ever had to make a fire claim on your policy!

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association shows fire departments respond to home fires about 1,000 times per day.?

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that could lead to your artwork being destroyed:

  • Did you know that the leading cause of home fires is cooking, or rather, leaving something to cook on the stove unattended?
  • Never plug major appliances should into an extension cord. Instead plug them directly into the wall.
  • Damaged extension cords cause fires!
  • Never plug a wall heater into an extension cord. Under sized extension cords can cause house fires.
  • Clean the dryer lint trap and vent after every load.\
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Clean your fireplace chimney annually.

As this video shows that fires can destroy artwork at your business too!

Call for your free home insurance quote today to make sure that your artwork is covered.

What does art insurance cover?

You now are the PROUD owner of a new piece of artwork.

You are SMART enough to invest in  some Art & Collectible Insurance, but that raises an interesting question...

What does art insurance cover and what does it NOT cover?

Let's break it down as the following.

  • What is INCLUDED in the policy?
  • What is EXCLUDED in the policy?

What is included in an art Insurance policy?

All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage of whatsoever nature occurring during the period of insurance.

This is a broad description, and includes loss caused by fire, flood, accidental damage and theft. Most way’s a painting, coin or collectible could be damaged would be covered.

What is NOT included in an art Insurance policy?

Simply put what’s not covered is loss or damage to the artwork:

1. Sustained whilst under any repair, restoration or retouching process.

2. Caused by Wear and Tear, Gradual Deterioration, Moth, Vermin or Inherent Vice.

3. Caused directly or indirectly through terrorism, war,.

4. From Radiation or nuclear

5. Loss of electronic data

Finally, every insurance policy has ‘policy conditions’ that govern how you must behave.

For example they expect that you will transport or store the assets in an appropriate fashion.

Contact your local agent to find out what other policies they may have.

Are you buying artwork?

Lets say you found the PERFECT piece of artwork here at Bisbee arts.

What is the next step?

First be sure  to insure your art by contacting your local agent that offers home insurance.

But then what?

How do you get it home?

Here are a few reminders to insuring artwork that you have bought.

1) Know Who Is Responsible for Insurance at All Times

So from the time you purchase your master piece until it is shipped and received to your home...

Who is responsible for it?

Who is insuring it?

Don’t assume that the gallery owner, dealer, or shipping company in possession of the artwork has insurance for its loss, theft or physical damage.

Then make sure to properly insure your artwork at home.

2) Hire Only Experienced Pros to make sure all Artwork Is Properly Packed 

Remember there is a difference between moving a refrigerator and packing and shipping a Picasso.

You only want to hire packers and shippers that are TSA certified to inspect and seal art during the packaging process.


3) What kind of vehicles will transport your artwork?

  • Do they have security systems? IMAGINE your painting sitting in a truck without an alarm!
  • Are they climate controlled? Some trucks can get over 150 degrees in the summer time. What could that do to your painting?

How horrible it would be to buy a piece of art only to never make it home in one piece.

We hope these this will be helpful to you!



Are you making these common mistakes when insuring your artwork?

If you love Art like we do then PLEASE listen closely.

Unfortunately, many people make expensive mistakes when insuring their artwork.

Some people spend THOUSANDS on art only to SHORT themselves with insufficient insurance coverage.

Are you making these 9 common mistakes when protecting your paintings, sculptures and bronzes?

  1. First be very careful not to  assume your home insurance  will cover your art collectibles. Here lies the problem... Did you know that the average homeowners policy covers only up to $2,500 of arts, collectibles and antiques. Question: What if you own more than that??? So remember to ask how much coverage is included for artworks and antiques!
  2. What does my current policy cover? Will it cover natural disasters, fire, flood, earthquakes, accidents, or theft?
  3. Does my policy have any exclusions?
  4. Do I need to get any additional insurance to protect my investment?
  5. Do I need to add a rider to my current policy?
  6. Does my existing company  offer additional coverage?
  7. Will there be an an extra deductible required?
  8. Remember to get a policy worth two times the appraised value.
  9. Remember to communicate with your insurance agent. If they don't know you are a collector how can they help you protect your investment?

How many of these questions do you have the answers to?

If there is any question or doubt then you know what to do, don't you?

Pick up the phone now and contact your friendly local home insurance agency today.

REMEMBER, a 15 minute conversation today will save you many headaches and heartaches tomorrow.

What have you got to lose?

BESIDES the difference between what your policy will pay and the appraised replacement value of your artwork?

Read this article on forbes regarding insuring your artwork.

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